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How a hernia pain in the leg goes away depends on the condition of the hernia and the individual. However, we should not stand for long periods of time and we should not sit still for long periods of tim

What is a Hernia Striking the Leg? What should be done?

If you have lower back pain, doing this movement can help relieve your pain. Details in our video below

Hot Therapy

Therapeutic applications, such as hot water bottles, can relieve pain. Hernia patients should avoid cold applications. Hot therapy relaxes muscles and tissues. Hot therapy can be provided with methods such as hot water bottles, hot towel applications or hot baths. However, it is important that hot applications are made through a cloth or towel before direct contact with the skin, and the duration of application should usually be between 15 and 20 minutes. Heat is good for hernia.

Exercises for Hernia Pain

Certain exercises and stretching techniques can reduce the pain associated with a hernia. However, it is important to make sure that these exercises are done correctly and will not make the pain worse. Therefore, they need to be done correctly and consciously.

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Is Walking Good for Hernia Pain?

One of the most important items is definitely walking. Regular walks increase blood circulation, strengthen muscles and reduce pain. However, excessive strain should be avoided during walking. Walking at a slow pace and properly is one of the most effective methods to relieve pain. So, how much should we walk? The answer is as follows; 1 km and 30 minutes of daily walking is ideal.

Proper Posture and Movement

Correct posture and body mechanics can help relieve hernia pain. Incorrect posture or movements can increase the pain associated with a hernia. We should not stand for long periods of time or sit still for long periods of time. So our posture should be correct and we should avoid sudden movements.

Swimming or Pilates

Low-impact exercises such as Pilates can relieve hernia pain by strengthening the back and lower back muscles. In swimming, we have the opportunity to work all muscles. Swimming has important effects on body balance and endurance.

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