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Op. Dr. Fatih Kırar

Meet Fatih Kırar with his licensed products and unique service experience. Contact us to discover Non-Surgical Lumbar and Neck Hernia Treatments.

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Op. Dr. Fatih Kırar

Fatih Kirar, born in 1983 in Kütahya – Tavşanlı, completed his undergraduate education at Cumhuriyet University – Faculty of Medicine in 2001.

In 2008, he started working as a General Practitioner at Tavşanlı 80th Year State Hospital, and subsequently, he successfully carried out academic and surgical studies at Kartal Training and Research Hospital, Haseki Training and Research Hospital, Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Health and Nervous Diseases Training and Research Hospital, Eyüp State Hospital, and Private Avrupa Şafak Hospital.

After completing his specialization training in Istanbul Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental and Nervous Diseases Hospital – Brain and Neurosurgery, he opened his private clinic in 2020. Brain and Neurosurgery Specialist Op. Dr. Fatih Kırar has successfully performed non-surgical pain treatments and closed spinal surgeries, in addition to dealing with scoliosis and spinal surgeries in his private professional practices.

Throughout his professional career, Fatih Kırar has treated many famous individuals, including the renowned Spanish footballer Fernando Morientes, addressing spinal issues and restoring the valuable athlete to health.

Having achieved high success in brain tumor surgery, cerebrovascular surgery, and brain pacemaker applications, Kırar has been legendary with the “CANE THROWING” ceremonies he conducted with many of his patients.

Mr. Kırar’s articles and expertise are eagerly followed in national and international journals and books, and his presentations at important congresses and seminars create a significant impact.

Op. Dr. Fatih Kırar, married and father of three, continues his poetry and writings with passion while skillfully wielding his scalpel and providing his patients with healthy tomorrows.

Famous Spanish Football Player FERNANDO MORIENTES

The Miracle-Working Doctor of the Famous Spanish Footballer Fernando Morientes, “Fatih Kırar”!

Former star footballer of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team, Fernando Morientes, came to Turkey for the treatment of his herniated disc. Examined at Dr. Fatih Kırar’s clinic in Fulya, the Spanish star regained his health through the applied regression and robotic laser treatments.

Morientes reported experiencing a lot of pain in his back and spine throughout his career, and he continued his words as follows:

“I had the chance to meet my doctor by coming here. Many footballers undergo check-ups related to their heart or physique, but they don’t get checked for their back and spine. I must say, if players are aiming for a long career, we should not overlook this issue. I am very thankful to my doctor (Fatih Kırar).”


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Witness the happiness of our patients who have made the decision to have surgery and who came to our clinic unable to walk even with a cane, just 15 minutes after the procedure!

Hundreds of patients have regained their health with non-surgical lumbar hernia treatment. Join among our patients who have experienced painless, non-surgical, without side-effect and permanently effective treatment methods.

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On June 19, I came to the clinic of our Fatih teacher. I had intense pain in my leg calf and waist. There were cramps and pulling. I was suffering from nerve pain, as if my legs were being cut. It was like an electric shock. I had regression and robotic laser treatment, which is the treatment of our teacher. I started exercises, it hurt a lot, but when I came to my control today, our teacher said that there was improvement. I can go to bed now. I do not wake up from my sleep, thank you very much to our teacher.
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Saniye Nart
Robotic Laser Treatment & Regression

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